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International Keto Live Sports Conference

Keto Live Sports Conference 2024

Discussing Science on Sports Nutrition, Metabolism, and Training, reaching the highest possible human performance, strength, and endurance.

The International Keto Live® Sports Conference is dedicated to high-performance professional athletes, their physicians, medical advisers and coaches discussing Sports Nutrition, Metabolism, and related health problems to create maximal strength, endurance, and performance in training and competition. We also like to discuss health issues at the end of the professional courier and how to deal with food addiction.
St. Moritz is the official Swiss Olympic «High Altitude Training Base» in the most beautiful Landscape of the upper Engadin.
Altitude training: top athletes worldwide swear by it. Endurance athletes, in particular, value St. Moritz’s high altitude at 1,856 metres above sea level. All who train here benefit from the dry and bracing alpine climate and the ideal weather conditions, with an average of 322 days of sunshine a year. As a result, St. Moritz makes the perfect choice for training camps.

With our heroes in Sports and Science, we like to raise awareness of the connection between Nutrition and NCDs - the importance of Sports and strength training to prevent muscle loss and the need for lifestyle changes. Combining scientific-based Nutrition with Sports for everyone from early childhood to old age will improve Metabolic Health to prevent and fight NCDs to increase a happy, healthy lifespan. 

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Confirmend Speakers

Prof.Dr Thomas Weimbs

Dr Iain Campbell

Dr Lucia Aronica, Stanford University

Dr Lina Samira Bahr, Charité Berlin

Dr Matthew Phillips

Dr Ian Lake GP,

Dave Feldman, 

Citizen Science Foundation

Nicole Laurent

Beth Zupec Kania, RDN, CD

Jessianna MS, RDN, CSR, LD, CLT

Dr Wafaa Abdel Hadi

Suzan Schneider, Warwick University

Orsolya Szathmari

Prof. Dr Roman Ullrich Müller

Prof. Dr Adrian Soto Mota

SAKMT - Swiss Association for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies