2nd Keto Live E-Learning Conference Program

The Recorded Lectures of the 2022 Live Conference will be available, as our 2nd International Keto Live E-Learning Conference soon 

If you missed our Live Conference in Switzerland this E-Learning Conference will allow you to watch all the lectures from the comfort of your home. After each lecture you find a Pdf list with hotlinks to all studies mentioned in the lecture plus three multiple choice questions, for you to learn and collect Contiuing Medical Education Credits at your own pace  - whenever & wherever you have time and Internet! 

E-LEarning Module 1 - Introduction 

Dr John Schoonbee  

South Africa, Switzerland,
Swiss RE
"Have we got News for you?"

Oliva Reyl

FCO Private Office

"From Vegan to Carnivore"

Jan Baszucki

United States of America
President of the Baszucki Group

"The Baszucki Brain Research Fund"

Dr Dipl Biol Bernd-MICHAEL Löffler  

IMM - Institute for Mitochondrial Medicine

“First do no harm - Understanding Medicine as a craft”

E-Learning Module 2 - Neuropsychiatry 

Dr Georgia Ede

Board Certified Psychiatrist
1st Keto Live Scientist-in-Residence

United States of America, 

16:15- “The First Thousand Days: Micronutrients and Optimal Brain Development” 

Dr Georgia Ede 

United States of America, Diagnosis Diet

17:30 - "Nutrition and Childhood Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Autism and ADHD”
18:15 Q & A

"Young Talents"  

Maria Edwards   

Sweden, Denmark M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition, 

Department for Nutrition, Exercise & Sports, Faculty of Science, Copenhagen University
18:30 - “Diet induced ketosis for patients with brain injury - A Feasibility Study” 

E-Learning Module 3  - Neuropsychiatry 

Dr ignacio Cuaranta

Board Certified Clinical Psychiatrist 

“Chrononutrition and Mental Health” 


Dr Iain Campbell

United Kingdom
University of Edinburgh
"Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance, Mitochondrial Dysfunction and the Action of Ketogenic Diet in Bipolar Disorder"

Panel Discussion

Dr Adrian Soto Mota, Dr Georgia Ede,
Dr Elena Gross, Beth Zupec-Kania and
Dr John Schoonbee,
“Ketones, Brain Energy Rescue and Alzheimer's Disease.” 

Bonus Neuropsychiatry

Dr Iain Campbell

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
interview with Jan Ellison & Matt Baszucki, United States of America
" BiPolarCast" Live from the 2nd Keto Live Conference 2022

E-Learning Module 4 - Insulin Resistance

Ivor Cummins BE (Chem), CEng MIEI,

The Fat Emperor

”Chronic Disease Realities - why Insulin”

Prof Dr Adrian Soto-Mota

MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine
PhD at the University of Oxford
Statistics at Stanford University
"The many challenges of using Insulin as a Biomarker" 

Dr Peter Voshol 

Researcher at the Louis Bolk Institute

"Measuring and Understanding Insulin Resistance”

 E-Learning Module 5 - Insulin Resistance, Cardiovascular Disease

Dr Amy McKenzie 

United States of America,
Virta Health

"Nutritional Ketosis in the Management of Insulin Resistance, Inflammation, and Chronic Disease"
1st Keto Live Conference)

Ivor Cummins BE (Chem), CEng MIEI, 

The Fat Emperor

”Reversing Hyperinsulinemia Reversing Heart Disease?”

Dr David Unwin 

United Kingdom, 
Co-Founder of the Public Health Collaboration, 
GP at Norwood Surgery 

“Essential Hypertension – but, is it? Are we Blaming Salt for what the Sugar, via Insulin, did?”

E-Learning Module 6 - Cancer

Dr Dipl Biol Bernd-Michael Löffler 


IMM - Institute for Mitochondrial Medicine

“Mitochondrial Health and Dysfunctions”

Dr Nasha Winters 

United States of America

“Metabolism pathways behind the Nutritional Therapies”

Dr Nasha Winters 

United States of America

“Metabolic Therapy for Breast Cancer: the Future is Now?”

E-Learning Module 7 - Cancer

DR Wafaa Abdel-Hadi  

MD, Specialized in Holistic Oncology

“Pioneering integrative oncology-Case Studies”

Dr Zsófia Clemens 

Neurobiologist and Clinical Researcher Specialized in Nutrition

"The Palaeolithic Ketogenic Diet (PKD) as a Cancer Treatment."

Dr Jean-Pierre Spinosa 

Italy, Switzerland
Specialist in Gynaecology, Gynaecological Surgery, Oncological Gynaecology, Urogynecology, Senology, Morphological as well, as Anti-Ageing Medicine

"Ferroptosis - Cancer's worst enemy?"

E-Learning Module 8 - Diabetes

Dr Zsófia Clemens 

 “Autoimmune Disease from Crohn's disease to Type1 Diabetes”

DR Ian Lake 

United Kingdom
GP, Type 1 Diabetic

"What is Thought to Cause Type 1 Diabetes"
1st Keto Live Conference)

Dr Ian Lake 

United Kingdom
GP, Type1 Diabetic
"Low Carb Lifestyles in Type 1 Diabetes - Getting the Message Out there"

E-Learning Module 9 - Diabetes

Dr Jen & Dr David Unwin

United Kingdom
 “Just a spoonful of sugar...” to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes. How to Apply Dietary Advice/ Behavioural Change in 10 Minute Appointments - Hope, is it the Placebo Effect?”

Prof Dr Adrian Soto Mota


“Exogenous Ketosis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Safety, Tolerability and Effect on Glycaemic Control” 

Prof Dr Johannes Kovarik  


“Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies and Chronic Kidney Disease”

Dr Wafaa Abdel Hadi´s lecture on Wednesday 15th of June our day dedicated to Cancer
at the 2nd International Keto Live Conference  in Switzerland 2022
 Pictures by Georgia Schoonbee

A big thank you to our wonderful attendees!

Our advisory Board Members Dr Jürg Kuoni, Switzerland and Dr Jen Unwin United Kingdom.

The power of hope - Dr David Unwin lecturing about his 117 patients 
who brought their Type 2 Diabetes  in remission!

Get together at the first evening of the Conference
What a joy after two years for COVID-19 travel & Meeting Restrictions
finally meeting old and new friends!

Josephine Barbarino announcing Dr Bernd Michael Löffler and his first lecture
"First do no harm - understanding medicine as a craft"

"Cooking for the Brain" -  Cooking workshop in the historic kitchen of the Hotel Kurhaus 
left - Beth Zupec-Kania RD, CD, representing the Charlie Foundation,  United States
right - Sybille Bellamy Kraft, President and founder of Keto M+,  France

Early in the Morning
“Change Happens Through Movement - and Movement Heals.” 

Pilates workshop with Janine Rensch founder of Pro Pilates Zürich

Bernice and Adrian from Mexico

heavy cream... 
5 days of delicious Keto Breakfast, Coffee Breaks, Lunch Buffets and 3-course Dinners
created by Chef Marcus and his dedicated Team.

A big thank you to our friends and sponsors Gemma Kochis and Dorian Greenow 
Keto Mojo providing free Glucose and Ketone Testing during the whole Conference

 During the intermissions - clean fresh air and beautiful views to the surrounding Mountains...

Big applause for a great team - from left to right
Jan Baszucki, Patricia Daly, Elena Gross, Olivia Reyl, Josephine Barbarino, 
Georgia Schoonbee, Dr Suzan Oruc, Ivonne Reuter, Maximilian Mager, Robert Lenzbauer, 
Beth Zupec-Kania, Gemma Kochis, Dorian Greenow, Chef Marcus, Stephan Barbarino and Christof Steiner and the Kurhaus Team - missing in the picture Dr Jürg Kuoni

Dr Ignatio Cuaranta, Argentina
on the importance of Circadian Rhythms...

Founding and Advisory Board Member Dr Ian Lake on Type 1 Diabetes

Dr Nasha Winter, Josephine Barbarino, Dr Wafaa Abdel-Hadi & Patricia Daly M.Sc.

Dr Nasha Winter,  author of "The Metabolic Approach to Cancer"

 impressively lecturing about her own cancer journey and a new holistic 
understanding and treatment.

Jan Ellison Baszucki (Baszucki Brain Research Fund) and Bipolar Grant Awardee 
Dr Iain Campbell from the University of Edinburgh. Jan's speech, Iain's lecture and 
their live "Bipolarcast" from the Conference - with Matt Baszucki online from California
raised the awareness and touched everyone's heart!

Exceptional lecture by Dr Iain Campbell about his own journey and 
the clinical trail and mechanistic  study on Ketogenic diet and bipolar disorder 
at the University of Edinburgh, 

Dr Elena Gross from "KetoSwiss" explaining her patented product for the dietary management of migraine MigraKet® to Keto Live Partner & cohost 

Olivia Reyl  Expert in projects with a positive impact on modern society


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